Calhoun County, Alabama

Revenue Mapping Department



Mapping of Property

The Calhoun County Mapping Department is using ESRI ArcMap/ArcINFO Mapping software and CAMA software from Delta Computer Systems.

Color digital orthophotography is flown annually. Generally, the northern half of the County is flown in even years and the southern half in odd years. The northern half of the County is defined along a line that is approximately equal to the northern most part of the McClellan property. The southern half of the County is along that same line but would include all of McClellan and points south. All current orthophotography is available online.

Our shape files are available on cd for $100.00. Acquiring the shape data  requires a signature on the Calhoun County GIS agreement form located on this web site (pdf format).  This form may be printed and emailed to our office. Click here for GIS Agreement. This data is non-refundable, please ensure you have appropriate software to display shape data.

Mapping data is also available via our online tax system which may be viewed by clicking the button to the left marked "Online Tax System". Data on this system is updated on a monthly basis and may or may not reflect recent map changes made with our in-house mapping system. Please contact us at the below phone numbers/email if you have any questions or concerns.


Review our Parcel Number Breakdown document if you need help finding a parcel number within the County or if you'd like to know what each number determines.

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